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I have been interested in Photography for many years. I probably took my first photograph when I was about five. The oldest picture on this site is from around 1970.

As an art director I have worked with many professional photographers and learned from them. One of the main things I learned was to always carry a camera.

I have been a freelance Graphic Designer under the name of Peter Hague Concept – Design – Art Direction since the 1980's and in recent years I have created a private museum about the history of popular photography called Life in a Lens and have also become involved in the creation of 3D art, samples of which can be found on my
e-brink web site.

I still take hundreds of photographs every week, some of which now find their way into my art and into my other web sites and those I design for other people.

All my sites are suitable for general viewing and most age groups.

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ALL my sites are suitable for a wide audience and most age groups. All photographs have an invisible digital ID embedded.
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